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Welcome to websites of lalitaalaalitah and his friends.

We have a few websites running on this domain.
Those are :
  1. ललितालालितः – Sanskrit Website

    It contains posts written in Sanskrit language. Their subject vary. Most of them are collections of important sentences(from monumental Philosophical works) and their small explanations(either by elders or lalitaalaalitah), which these posts may remind me later. The author is lalitaalaalitah.

  2. शास्त्रप्रियाः – Sanskrit Website

    This website is authored by svAmI nIlakaNThAnanda-giriH. He is a young sannyAsI of dashanAma-sannyAsa order, which follows veda-s.
    He edits and posts Philosophical works related with yoga, tantra and Agama Schools. He is  by nature a advaitin, a follower of the Philosophy of Non-Duality, as propounded by veda-s and explained by bAdarAyaNa-vyAsa, sha~Nkara-bhagavatpAda, etc.
    He is a good scholar of Sanskrit Grammar. That’s why you find his love for that expressed as posts related to lexicons.
    He practised yoga for hours for many years. Later, he studied pAta~njala-yoga-sUtra-s with commentary of vyAsa and sub-commentary of vAchaspati.
    He is editing, publishing and translating the vyAsa-bhAShya with tattvavaishAradI. Sanskrit part of that was also published to his website in parts.
    He is also working on a project to create a vR^itti of brahmasUtra-s which follows shA~Nkara-bhAShyam.

  3. स्तोत्रम् – Gleanings From Sanskrit Literature

    This is a big website create by our beloved shrI P R Ramamurthy Ji.
    It has a huge collection of searchable texts from Sanskrit Literature, including hymn of many forms of Ishvara, some kAvya-s, subhAShita-s, and some lesson for Sanskrit.
    When our author started to type and print this website, he was approaching 80 years of age. At that age, he continued to heavily engage in typing, proof-reading and publishing all ~1300 posts. It must be accepted that he was very sincere and aware, that’s why we find very few typos.
    The author also translated a few Sanskrit works, in it’s entirety or parts, so that young generation and those who have less exposure to Sanskrit may use that to learn Sanskrit.
    His life was wonderful and interesting. He himself has penned his experience on a separate blog. Please, visit that website. His words are capable of taking us to his age.

  4. जीवन्मुक्तिविवेकः – Hindi Translation of The Sanskrit Work

    Shri brahmachArI nArAyaNa-chaitanya is the author of this blog, which was an effort  to translate the famous work jIvanmuktiviveka of shrI-vidyAraNya into Hindi.
    The project is halted now, since the monk is travelling extensively to preach shrImadbhAgavatam, upaniShad, gItA and brahmasUtram.

  5. ज्ञानाङ्कुरः – Publication

    This website is a place to inform readers about the books published by our group.
    It introduces you to book and provides links from where you can get the book(either by paying a small amount or free.)

  6. lalitaalaalitah – General Posts

    It is a website authored by lalitaalaalitah where he publishes posts in English language.
    This posts are sometimes collected from his emails or Facebook wall.
    E-mails were reply to someones questions, so when they were posted here there format changes. Mostly lalitaalaalitah’s replies are marked as “L”.

  7. शास्त्रम् – Private Website in Sanskrit

    • This is a website authored by lalitaalaalitah. The language used is Sanskrit. It mainly consists of posts which contain Sanskrit works edited/commented by lalitaalaalitah. The list is extensive. Please, find the link in next paragraph.
    • The Sanskrit site(which was on www.lalitaalaalitah.com domain) was made private(on 04.07.2012) and hence it is not accessible to public. Articles/editions present on the mentioned websites are for future publications. So, they are private for obvious reasons. Interested people may find actual location of all posts(including private ones) @ Table of Contents of Sanskrit Website.
    • To view private posts (which are in Sanskrit), interested people must request the owner by sending an e-mail introducing themselves appropriately at request(at)lalitaalaalitah(dot)com
    • Requests which are without enough details will be ignored.
    • Please, add these details:
      • Name,
      • Qualification to study saMskR^ita, or the degree of acquaintance to Sanskrit for traditional scholars.
      • Title of post of interest,
      • Cause of interest in this particular site,
      • Acceptance/Non-acceptance of Terms of Uses (please read that first)
    • A few posts(in Sanskrit) will be made available to public on www.lalitaalaalitah.com. Please browse them.Table of Content is here.


I request all to go through this page first : Terms of Uses
Thanks for visiting.


– श्रीमल्ललितालालितः
ललितालालितः (lalitaalaalitah)