The Sanskrit site was made private and hence it is not accessible to public.
Interested people may find actual location of all posts(including private ones)

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To view private posts (which are in Sanskrit), interested people must request the owner by sending an e-mail introducing themselves appropriately at
Requests which are without enough details will be ignored. Please, add these details:
  1. Name,
  2. Qualification to study saMskR^ita, or the degree of acquaintance to Sanskrit for traditional scholars.
  3. Title of post of interest,
  4. Cause of interest in this particular site,
  5. Acceptance/Non-acceptance of Terms of Uses (please read that first)


Some posts (mostly in English) are visible to public. They need no permission.
Sanskrit Keyboard and Pictures of devI are available to all.


Stotra-s, quotes and lessons on Sanskrit by Shri P R Ramamurthy Ji are available to public @ Gleanings From Sanskrit Literature.



Publication details are available on ज्ञानाङ्कुरः.


I request all to go through this page first :
Terms of Uses


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– श्रीमल्ललितालालितः
ललितालालितः (lalitaalaalitah)