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Welcome to the websites of lalitaalaalitah and his friends.

We have a few websites running on this domain.
Those are :
  1. ललितालालितः – Sanskrit Website

  2. शास्त्रप्रियाः – Sanskrit Website

  3. स्तोत्रम् – Gleanings From Sanskrit Literature

  4. जीवन्मुक्तिविवेकः – Hindi Translation of The Sanskrit Work

  5. ज्ञानाङ्कुरः – Publication

  6. lalitaalaalitah – General Posts

  7. शास्त्रम् - Private Website in Sanskrit
    1. The Sanskrit site(which was on www.lalitaalaalitah.com domain) was made private(on 04.07.2012) and hence it is not accessible to public. Articles/editions present on the mentioned websites are for future publications. So, they are private for obvious reasons. Interested people may find actual location of all posts(including private ones) @ Table of Contents of Sanskrit Website.

    2. To view private posts (which are in Sanskrit), interested people must request the owner by sending an e-mail introducing themselves appropriately at request(at)lalitaalaalitah(dot)com

    3. Requests which are without enough details will be ignored.

    4. Please, add these details:
      • Name,
      • Qualification to study saMskR^ita, or the degree of acquaintance to Sanskrit for traditional scholars.
      • Title of post of interest,
      • Cause of interest in this particular site,
      • Acceptance/Non-acceptance of Terms of Uses (please read that first)

    5. A few posts(in Sanskrit) will be made available to public on www.lalitaalaalitah.com. Please browse them.Table of Content is here.
I request all to go through this page first : Terms of Uses
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– श्रीमल्ललितालालितः
ललितालालितः (lalitaalaalitah)